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Gratitude for the people who support me!!


Special Thanks to Some Incredible People


Alicia Michael Chandler

I always knew I wanted Alicia to do my photography! As soon as I had the idea for the red fabric, and dress, and the hill, it was always, only Alicia. Then synchronicity; her talented husband had a Kickstarter campaign, to support his Night Sea album release and one of the rewards was a photo shoot with Alicia!!! YESSS!!!! 
I am forever grateful she made the drive and then the hike to take these photos!
Check Out Alicia at:
@AliciaChandlerCo ,


Benjamin Mathes

You know those people who just step up and then later you find out how cool they are! Thats Ben!
Benjamin volunteered to help (our mutual friend) Alicia, with the photo shoot, which meant, running after that red fabric about 300 times.  Thank you so much Ben! These photos would not be the same without you!  
Check out Ben's projects:
Urban Confessional: A Free Listening Movement
HEARD Podcast , Crash Acting


Consuelo Barajas

Look at this girl!! She is amazing, and beautiful, and so talented. My hair never looked this good until Consuelo came into my life! She saw my need and worked her magic!

I found out I had curly hair when I was 16 and it's been an interesting dance, since then, to make 'em look good. Consuelo's got it! She knows curls!!
Check Out Consuelo:


Thank you Infinite Source! With Infinite Source All Things Are Possible!