Embracing Uncertainty

Growth is a process of uncertainty, just as life is an experience of uncertainty.  

We fear the unknown, we all do. 


 Do you yearn to be fearless? I do. I want to live a life at peace, without limitation or fear. But HOW?  How do we live without fear? It always seeps in. . . it shows up just as you are about to take action, or just after you have taken action. Fear questions, it is the voice that says 'What are you thinking? What are you doing? Are you crazy, stupid (insert additional unflattering adjective here. . . . )'

Break it down. To be Fearless is simply to FEAR LESS.  

The fear won't disappear completely. The unknown is still out there looming in unpredictability. We can't prepare for it, nor can we control it. Although we try to live our live doing both. 

Embrace uncertainty: it is the catalyst for change, growth and expansion.


Everything that has ever happened has lead to this moment right now. Embrace it. And embrace that the next moment will be different than this. Everything will continue to evolve regardless if you fight against it, worry about it, or not.

When we try to control, it is out of fear.  

When we embrace ourselves, our feelings, our emotions, our experiences just as they are (and just as they aren't) then we can begin to live freely.