What Can I Do? - In the Wake of (another) Tragedy

When is enough enough? Collectively?

When will we stand up for peace.

When will we stop fighting and really stand up for love, as love? 

How do you talk to your children about this tragedy? (whichever one "this one" is. seems we just keep getting more!)

We want to protect our kids from such horrors. We don't to frighten them?

I think we avoid fear because we don't know what to do with it.

When a violation occurs. When we are attacked we don't know what to do in that situation. Do we hide? Do we run away? Do we lash out?

Fight. Flight. Freeze.

Doing nothing seems like acceptance of what we find wrong.  Reacting in violence seems like perpetuating the same violence that we were attacked by.

So how might we respond?

How might we feel fear and move through that fear?

I believe acknowledging it is a good place to begin.

We are scared because we can't control others. And Uncertainty is difficult.

In moments of complete chaos and breakdown we are shown not just the importance of, but also the utter necessity for compassionate listening.

We must all do our best to never act or speak violently.

We must do our best to choose peace and kindness and compassion.

We must stand together as a tribe of humanity and commit to eliminating the tolerance of violent speech as well as violent actions.

I remember a time when mass attacks were not a thing. School shootings did not exist when I was a child. It’s not that long ago.

Injustice, shootings and violence don't have to be seen as normal. We don't have to accept that this behavior is inevitable.

We have the power to change ourselves. Therefor we have the power to change the world.

Imagine if we listened with and spoke with respect.

Imagine if we held our tongue for just one second and took a breath instead of shouting.

Imagine one thing you might do to be more peaceful when you are pushed into discomfort.

I dare you to actually do something about this tragedy.

I dare you to take one moment and actually come up with a plan.

Identify one thing you will do when you are triggered and you feel like you want to respond violently (words, blog response, speech)

Will you take a breath? Will you pause? Will you write the hateful message then delete it? Will you choose to listen compassionately to someone you disagree with?

Or will you go on like you always do, with the same habits, same reactions, stuck in the same cycle?

What will you do?

Sometimes, in the wake of extreme violence, all you can say is " I don't know" and that is enough.

Just be aware that if you post hateful messages, blame messages, worry messages, you are perpetuating violence.

You create the world you live in. Choose well.

With love and light to all humanity.

I am with you in prayer and in heart lead action!