Resistance - Count on it before you Reach Your Dream!

Resistance: Part 1

All dreams meet resistance. Resistance is a natural part of growth.

Growth is not inevitable. Growth is a choice.

The growth process is like a muscle, it gets stronger when it is worked and atrophies when it is left unused.

The process of a muscle growth works like this, the muscle is subject to a task, it meets resistance in some form and while performing the task the muscle is broken down in the process. Tiny tears appear in the muscle which are healed by the body (hence the soreness) and in the end your muscle, when repaired by the body, is stronger that it was originally.

Yep. that is how it works with all growth. We are stretched; put in positions that challenge us, push us, pull us, make us feel all sorts of ways. We meet this resistance and feel challenged, broken down, sometimes like we can't go on. In response we may feel hurt or sore. But that is a temporary painful response which gives way to strength and ability otherwise unknown and unattainable. 

You can't do a pull up by thinking about it, you must train your body. You also can't live the life of your dreams without working towards them and clearing out the blocks you hold. 

Here are some other insights:  

The greater the lesson the greater the growth.  

The greater the lesson the greater the resistance. 

The greater the lesson the greater the reward. 

Dream Big! Continually Grow! Be Challenged! Allow yourself to feel uncomfortable! Accept that this is a natural part of the process. Soon you will bask in a new and stronger version of yourself!