Dive Into Pain (Lessons of Resistance - Part 2)

Resistance: Part 2

You always have choices. You don't have to grow. Growth is not easy nor is it comfortable. It is however the natural progression of your soul.

Growth involves processing through your emotions.

An Emotion is "Energy in motion".  We often stop the flow of energy of our negative emotions. We put up walls and barriers like protective armor. We hold onto negative emotions and shame from our past. We might blame others. We might blame ourselves. We might say that we should have known or done better. We judge ourselves so harshly and often judge others harshly as well.

When we do this, our emotion gets stuck in our body. Sometimes we fear feeling the emotion and we push it away. Sometimes we blame others, and hold on to resentment of the past. The truth is, energy cannot be created nor destroyed, therefor if we do not process and emotion, it lingers in and through us. 

Yes, you can push away the pain. You can avoid it. You can try to protect yourself from it. Some people call it shoving it under the rug. Some call it numbing out. (I did this for years.)

You can hold your pain at arms length, keeping yourself from feeling the despair, hurt, anger, shame, guilt, and fear. think of literally holding out your arm in front of you, palms up, as if to say stop. As you hold yourself at a distance from these painful feelings you spend a tremendous amount of energy holding onto your protective layer.

In the end, the protection is only an illusion, because the pain is still there waiting for you. And it comes to see you when you are too tired to hold your arms up anymore. When that rug is so stuffed that everything under it comes seeping out. Or when you are so devastatingly tired of being numb that you begin to feel it all. 

You can feel your sorrow, remorse, shame, guilt, fear, and rejection. You can allow it to hurt and accept that it hurts.

The crazy thing is, as you feel the pain, it starts to disappear. You will find that the pain you feel will pass through you and you will really begin to feel relieved after you've faced the emotion.

I think this is what is what we mean by "processing an emotion". It's a cleansing process and as soon as the energy moves through you it is then gone, and released. 

When energy is in motion through us, we feel the emotion and let it run its course. It moves through us then leaves us free. We are not resisting the energy within ourselves anymore meaning we are stronger and freed of the pain.