Wisdom of Bridges (strength in flexibility)

Flexibility, we often don’t consider flexibility a great strength, although I have come to believe that flexibility is the greatest strength in personal growth.

The word flexibility conjures images of bodies bent over stretching muscles in the most unflattering positions. The stretch shows off the flexibility or inflexibility of your body. But there is another way of looking at flexibility.

Imagine a bridge. This bridge spans two distinct and constantly moving shores. It must connect with each of these unique places, while also providing a smooth pathway between the two. The bridge itself must move and flex constantly to maintain the connection between these two places.

A bridges greatest strength comes from being flexible.

A bridge that is too rigid will crumble. To span this gap a bridge must be flexible.

This is true with our lives. To grow we must allow ourselves to be flexible, for we must evolve in creation into something that was not in existence before. Ideas are like the shore and as we evolve, we walk a bridge to a new shore of understanding. When we reach that new shore we can stand strong in the new knowledge, but as we travel the path of growth we are on that bridge. And on that bridge we must remain flexible;


Flexible in our mindset

Flexible in our ideas

Flexible in our understandings

Flexible in our judgments

Flexible in our beliefs

As we grow, we change in all these areas. When we remain rigid in our ideas, understandings, judgments and beliefs we remain stuck on the shore we’ve always known. There is no growth.

Now, you don’t have to take the journey of growth. By all means, feel free to stay on the shore you know well in the comfort of all you know.

If you are on the journey to new understanding, be flexible and patient with yourself.  You are one a bridge of old ways of thinking and understanding to something new and different. Allow yourself to stay open and flexible during this the process of growth and you will find you flow into the new understanding with greater ease.