Today My Son Was Diagnosed with Autism


Autism. One word that changed everything, even though nothing changed.

Autism. A diagnosis that is now part of my reality. It's not out there anymore. Autism is part of my family and a part of my future.

Autism. A label given my son at the age of 3 that will be with him for a lifetime.

Will this label define him? How will it change our lives?

This Video was taken the day my son was diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). . . Here is the raw, honest truth; my reaction to this life-altering diagnosis. 

You like reality TV? It doesn’t get any more real than this. . .

UPDATE - March 2018: My reflection 5 years after this diagnosis video was made. (My son is 8 years old.)

In 2013 I started an i'mpossible, recovery from autism.
(to clarify: I see impossible as I'mPossible and imperfect as I'mPerfect)

When my son was first diagnosed with ASD (autism spectrum disorder) I wondered “What does that mean?”  

5 years later I now know it means we do a lot of therapy. (as much as 11 apointments a week)

It means I’ve had to teach him about social cues and about relationships and how to be a friend.  

It means I’ve become his best expert, advocate and his cheerleader. 

It means I’ve come to value JOY more and fear less.

It means I’ve come to value long term gain. . . made in small steps because sometimes there is no quick and easy solution. 

It means I’ve come to value curiosity over comparing because comparison is the thief of joy unless I’m comparing him to who he used to be and then all I can do is weep with joy because of the progress he has made.

I've come to value progress over perfection and presence over presents 🎁 

I now always look for the best, whats going right and what I liked about a situation or behavior, so we can build on that. 

I've come to observe more and wait. Sometimes for a while for him to answer. I dont need to answer for him. 

I value him as a person, no matter what because he is valuable, he belongs and he is worthy. 

Always, in all ways. 

We are helping each other to find Joy in the JOurneY because joy always there, sometimes you just need a little help to see it. 

With a great full heart of love and joy. 


W. H. A. T. Next? How Do I Reach My Dream?

When your Words + Heart + Actions + Thoughts are all in alignment you leap towards a new version of yourself.

W. H. A. T. is your dream?

Align your words, heart, actions, thoughts and you are on your way to that exact destination. It is possible to reach a dream, but not inevitable. 

W is for Words. Notice the words you speak to others. Dreams like to know they are worthy. Do you talk about your dream like it are already exists? Like its inevitable? What are you saying about your dream when you talk about it?

H is for Heart. Leaps can only happen when you know that your dream is what your heart wants not what your head thinks is right or proper. Is your dream really your dream or is it someone else's dream they passed on to you or expected of you? Check in and make sure this is your dream is centered in your heart.

A is for actions. When you move toward your dream, it moves closer to you in ways you cannot fathom. What are you doing to move towards your dream? (Note: We live in a world that does not value rest, sometimes rest is an important and necessary action)

T is for thoughts. Dreams need to know they are possible. Are you breathing life into your dream? Can you brainstorm a myriad of ways that your dream could happen? Are you using your creative energy to find the ways that you will not be successful?  Beware of tearing down your dream. . . your thoughts are more powerful than you realize.

As you move toward your dream, simply remember:
Align your Words + Heart + Actions + Thoughts in the direction of your dream.