We all have our answers within. I want to help you access them.
— Lindsey Nicole

Artist. Writer. Seeker.

In a former life I was married, what a beautiful disaster. My life may have looked "perfect".  
I had a house, a family, a job, but I was always wrong and nothing I did was ever enough.

I dreamed of a life of joy and laughter but my reality was one filled with anger and sorrow.  

One day I decided I was willing to do whatever it took to know joy. Step by step my world changed.

Mom. Relentless Optimist.

I never thought I'd face divorce, autism, 
bankruptcy, depression or being a SingleMom.
I never imagined I could have a life so full of joy amidst all these challenges.

I found that reaching peak bottom was really a turning point to a life full of joy and laughter! 

Now, I dance through it all with with a 'lil CountryMusicKid by my side.